You Should Give Up!

You Should Give Up!

Sounds strange? Yeah definitely. That’s great.

You must have heard of a lot of people saying the opposite, Never Give Up. Steve Jobs, Muhammad Ali, Jack Ma, Churchill and a lot of people thought that pure perseverance and the courage to never give up is the key to success. I am not that courageous to counter what they said; but having the right to have my own opinion, so taking full advantage of that.

To be a successful man you should give up on a lot of things to stick with that one thing that you should focus on. Never give up on your dreams, for achieving your goals you should give up on all secondary things that doesn’t matter that much in your life. Although you love your hobbies, watching your favorite TV shows, watching late night sports, outing with friends, partying with buddies on birthdays and festivals. But you have to give up on all these things which can even cost you your relationships with friends or special friends, but the worst thing about journey to success is that it leaves you alone on the journey and very few will accompany you and support you.

The most important thing you give up is your emotions. Happy, sad, angry, love, hate etc everything that comes in your way should be placed secondary, everything should be placed second to your dreams. In every situation of life, no matter what happens the only thing for which you will give your 100% is you passion.

To never give up on your dreams, You should give up every other thing that is stopping you from achieving your goals.

Family and relationships are very important in life, but if they stay with you in your journey, they are yours. If not, don’t waste your time with secondary things.

Fathers are not ATM Machines!

Mentors, teachers, elders, well-wishers, coaches, and every person who help is in our life to learn and grow are more important than any wealth, money or some tangible assets. We all are seeking mentorship from experts in our field, and help us grow in our life. The role of a coach or a mentor can’t be ignored in business, education, sports, and fairly in every field of life, and we should value them as they guide us as per their experience in practical life, and more often we do, BUT 1 coach, mentor, teacher, well wisher than we should value above all mentors, and seek advice and guidance from him but we don’t. He is the person who you can trust blindly, he is probably the only person in this world who want you to surpass him in success and growth, BUT we don’t know the value of that mentor, He is the FATHER.

Fathers are the most selfless beings for their kids (after mothers of-course) who always strive to raise their kids in the best possible environment, dress them in the best possible he can afford, feed them the best he can afford, give his kids everything he can, except the most precious thing that the younger generation don’t value. Now a days FATHERS become ATM machines, but they not. Fathers are a treasure of knowledge, wisdom, and selfless love, and should be taken accordingly, they want you to have more than they have and sacrifice his life for your future.

There may be fake mentors, fake well-wishers and people who can advise you that can harm you rather than guide you but the mentor, coach and well-wisher who can be trusted blindly is your father. Why this huge gap between our younger generation with their parents, there is generation gap and may be some points of contradictions and with completely opposite point of views but that should be taken positivley. This gap should be reduced to uplift the wisdom of our younger generation and get this nectar of wisdom of our older generation.

This gap has created so many problems in our society, specially the trust deficit between the two generations. “I will tell your father about this” is a threat for our boys and girls when they make a mistake which should a statement of relief and comfort but lack of discussion about problems and mistakes made us so distant from our fathers even under a one roof, that the person who should hold us during our hard times is feeling a threat when we need him the most.

To summaries it, Fathers do love their kids, they know that children do make mistakes both big and small, and they understand better than you who to rectify a mistake, TRUST THEM.

A letter to my One year old SON

My dear Son,

I may be alive or dead by the time you step into your practical life, I want to talk to you when you will be in your early 20s but nobody knows the future. I want to share some of my thoughts and opinions and you have equal right to agree or disagree but as a son you must listen to me for a few moments.

You are only 1 year old and you will not remember these days when you grow up. I am a struggling entrepreneur and often out of city for weeks and months and I am not giving you time that you need and I am sorry for that. Your mother is an exceptional and inspirational lady, always seek her advice and try to do what she advise you. I know she will support you what you do as she did (and doing) for me, but ask her before taking any step in your practical life. Always listen to your mentors and think wisely before you act.

Dear Khubaib, you will face hardships in life but don’t forget that nothing great can be achieved without hard work and perseverance. Once you find anything that fascinates you and your interests develops in it, no one should stop you from doing it. You must be rock solid in your belief, no matter you fail or get success but the only thing in your hand is to give your 200%. Challenge yourself in each step of your life and work more than you can. You will encounter naysayers and pessimistic people in your life and those should be your motivation for achieving the impossible. Failures are the most talented teachers you can ever have, but not learning from failure is wasting a big part of your life. Luck often help those who don’t rely on it, Allah help those who want to help themselves.

Have a strong character, talk less and wisely. Be fair and sincere in your relationship with friends, relatives and your life partner. Give foremost importance to your family as no one can stand behind you more than your family. My uncles love you a lot, always respect them. I am single son of my parents but I love my cousins, they are your uncles. Respect your teachers, mentors and always try to help the poor and needy in your circle. Don’t get fooled by the glamour of the society, have a simple heart and love to live with simple life style. Enjoy your life to the fullest but not on the cost of hurting others.

With love,


Get disciplined motivation- Realistic Optimism.

When you step in real life, depression is real. Being optimistic is a good quality but not idealistic. Optimism near to realism can make things done, otherwise it will leave you with nothing but regrets.

According to research studies done with people working in hospice, the top 5 wishes the people on deathbed make are:

I wish …

I wish, I hadn’t worked so hard.

I wish, I had stayed in touch with my friends.

I wish, I had let myself be happier

I wish, I had the courage to express my true self.

I wish, I’d lived a life true to my dreams, instead of what others expected of me.

The problem is that we get too motivated by motivational speakers, life stories of successful people that we forget that no one is here to chase a successful personality and be like him. We can take inspiration from one’s life, but we should not struggle to live his/her life. We are born with our own strengths and weaknesses and we must know it before taking any step in our life. Better learn to skip things that are not necessary for our life but only imposed on us.

I am a strong believer of hard work and perseverance but at the same time I believe in disciplined and calculated risks, decisions supported by data and expertise. A motivational speaker can motivate a person in gym for lifting 50 Kg on his first day, but a trainer will not advise the same, better we listen to the trainer. Take advice from those who do, not from those who talk.

You will find this very distracted post with discontinuity of thoughts, I would love to hear from you if you find that small touches that link these concepts, depression, optimism, wishes on deathbed, idealism and motivation.