Retention — How to increase your returning users!

In order of importance “Acquisition — Retention — Monetization”; I am discussing Retention 1st as it includes some development phase process, I will discuss acquisition in next article.

Game Development is a field which is generating Billions of revenues annually so attracting more and more developers. App Store and Google play providing very easy to reach platforms and almost equal opportunity to developers across the globe to try their luck. A guy who knows coding with a friend who knows Photoshop, making a team and dreaming of a game which will earn them a million dollars. Yes this can happen with someone but not everybody. Game development is a field where intense hard work is required in every department to make your game a success. Starting from market research and idea of the game, UI and UX, Game Design, flow of the game play, marketing and retention strategies, all it comes under the umbrella of game development and a little bit mistake in any department can call for a failure of the game.

In this very article I am going to discuss the flow of game play which is an important point to consider the retention strategy for your game. Apart from all other factors they should be considered while development, Retention strategy is very important to plan. After acquisition, retention is 2nd most important factor for an app’s or game’s success.

Here are some factors while everybody should consider.

  • Smooth shift of game play difficulty.
  • Challenge users reflexes.
  • User Experience Design
  • Global and regional Leader boards and achievements.
  • Friends challenges and Weekly or monthly events.
  • Daily Rewards for returning users.
  • Appreciating User on achievements.
  • Push notifications.
  • Social Media Engagement.
  • Challenge user’s power of decision

I believe in one single formula — “If You are bore making it, Players will be bore playing it”!

For me game development is not a conventional job that you can start and get a success, May be you will but for shorter duration. Its a field of passionate developers, gamer who love to play games and are enthusiastic to develop games that are loved by them first and then they present it to the market. From starting screen to end of the game, everything should be designed like how the gamer think, want to act and behave and how to progress in the game. They should know why they are playing it on another good day.

I will discuss the above 10 points after my articles on Acquisition and Monetization. Till that work smart on your game design. Note one thing, Smart work is better than Hard Work.

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Seasonal ASO — An approach to start your downloads

ASO and choosing the right keywords for your apps are always hectic for indie developers. Indie developers have no such huge marketing budgets, nor there games such high-end games that they catch the market so ASO is their most powerful tool to compete in the market. Normally, app store optimization or ASO is a research of optimum keywords but a same keyword will not work every time and it strongly depends on the trends on app store or play store. The trend on App store or Play Store also having a strong relation with real world, and changing with the events, four seasons and festivals etc.

Let me give you some examples of such trends in the stores. In summer people love to play hunting games or games on the beach, Jet Ski driving etc. In winter people love to play games in snowy environments, snow excavators, snow blower trucks, racing games in Snow Mountains and that type of other games. In special occasions like Christmas people love to play games developed on the theme of Christmas. On Halloween zombie games are trending every year, even Subway Surfer was also updated for Halloween version.

In short, let me conclude the topic that ASO is not what you do single time for your app, but you have to update your ASO for seasonal changes and that’s why I named it seasonal ASO. Redesign your app for black Friday, Halloween or Christmas or whatever the occasion is, and also make the necessary changes in you ASO. Make sure you do it intelligently 🙂

Muhammad Hilal

You Should Give Up!

You Should Give Up!

Sounds strange? Yeah definitely. That’s great.

You must have heard of a lot of people saying the opposite, Never Give Up. Steve Jobs, Muhammad Ali, Jack Ma, Churchill and a lot of people thought that pure perseverance and the courage to never give up is the key to success. I am not that courageous to counter what they said; but having the right to have my own opinion, so taking full advantage of that.

To be a successful man you should give up on a lot of things to stick with that one thing that you should focus on. Never give up on your dreams, for achieving your goals you should give up on all secondary things that doesn’t matter that much in your life. Although you love your hobbies, watching your favorite TV shows, watching late night sports, outing with friends, partying with buddies on birthdays and festivals. But you have to give up on all these things which can even cost you your relationships with friends or special friends, but the worst thing about journey to success is that it leaves you alone on the journey and very few will accompany you and support you.

The most important thing you give up is your emotions. Happy, sad, angry, love, hate etc everything that comes in your way should be placed secondary, everything should be placed second to your dreams. In every situation of life, no matter what happens the only thing for which you will give your 100% is you passion.

To never give up on your dreams, You should give up every other thing that is stopping you from achieving your goals.

Family and relationships are very important in life, but if they stay with you in your journey, they are yours. If not, don’t waste your time with secondary things.

Fathers are not ATM Machines!

Mentors, teachers, elders, well-wishers, coaches, and every person who help is in our life to learn and grow are more important than any wealth, money or some tangible assets. We all are seeking mentorship from experts in our field, and help us grow in our life. The role of a coach or a mentor can’t be ignored in business, education, sports, and fairly in every field of life, and we should value them as they guide us as per their experience in practical life, and more often we do, BUT 1 coach, mentor, teacher, well wisher than we should value above all mentors, and seek advice and guidance from him but we don’t. He is the person who you can trust blindly, he is probably the only person in this world who want you to surpass him in success and growth, BUT we don’t know the value of that mentor, He is the FATHER.

Fathers are the most selfless beings for their kids (after mothers of-course) who always strive to raise their kids in the best possible environment, dress them in the best possible he can afford, feed them the best he can afford, give his kids everything he can, except the most precious thing that the younger generation don’t value. Now a days FATHERS become ATM machines, but they not. Fathers are a treasure of knowledge, wisdom, and selfless love, and should be taken accordingly, they want you to have more than they have and sacrifice his life for your future.

There may be fake mentors, fake well-wishers and people who can advise you that can harm you rather than guide you but the mentor, coach and well-wisher who can be trusted blindly is your father. Why this huge gap between our younger generation with their parents, there is generation gap and may be some points of contradictions and with completely opposite point of views but that should be taken positivley. This gap should be reduced to uplift the wisdom of our younger generation and get this nectar of wisdom of our older generation.

This gap has created so many problems in our society, specially the trust deficit between the two generations. “I will tell your father about this” is a threat for our boys and girls when they make a mistake which should a statement of relief and comfort but lack of discussion about problems and mistakes made us so distant from our fathers even under a one roof, that the person who should hold us during our hard times is feeling a threat when we need him the most.

To summaries it, Fathers do love their kids, they know that children do make mistakes both big and small, and they understand better than you who to rectify a mistake, TRUST THEM.

UX is not just Design, It’s Experience.

What is UX? is it something related to designing, and you need to be a graphics designer to be a UX designer? Normally UI designers write UI/UX designers in their CVs.

Well there are a few concepts I want to share with you guys based on some studies, experiences and sessions with experts.

There are 2 very important fields in UX, one is UX researcher and one is UX designer.

Being a UX researcher we normally learn it from scratch, but 2 field from academia helps in a lot to be a UX researcher, one is Data Science and other is Human factor psychology, in which the later is the base for getting quality data and former is used to analyse the factors and its impact.

Being a UX designer, you normally use the research of UX researchers and design an experience based on that data. Although it’s coming with experience but suggested field for study to be a UX designer is Experimental psychology.

UX revolves around users, human beings and the behaviour of human beings and how they respond to each and every action. Sometimes concepts of psychology and real users data is in conflict and everyone has different approach to it, to adopt which which one? Human psychology changes with time and can only be predicted by Data, so I will suggest go with the data.

Last but not the least, a single person may be a UI and UX designer, can be expert in CX and BX too, based on his expertise. But better we keep every experience separate, and not merge it with other if we work in just 1 one the mentioned fields.

Thank You