Retention — How to increase your returning users!

In order of importance “Acquisition — Retention — Monetization”; I am discussing Retention 1st as it includes some development phase process, I will discuss acquisition in next article.

Game Development is a field which is generating Billions of revenues annually so attracting more and more developers. App Store and Google play providing very easy to reach platforms and almost equal opportunity to developers across the globe to try their luck. A guy who knows coding with a friend who knows Photoshop, making a team and dreaming of a game which will earn them a million dollars. Yes this can happen with someone but not everybody. Game development is a field where intense hard work is required in every department to make your game a success. Starting from market research and idea of the game, UI and UX, Game Design, flow of the game play, marketing and retention strategies, all it comes under the umbrella of game development and a little bit mistake in any department can call for a failure of the game.

In this very article I am going to discuss the flow of game play which is an important point to consider the retention strategy for your game. Apart from all other factors they should be considered while development, Retention strategy is very important to plan. After acquisition, retention is 2nd most important factor for an app’s or game’s success.

Here are some factors while everybody should consider.

  • Smooth shift of game play difficulty.
  • Challenge users reflexes.
  • User Experience Design
  • Global and regional Leader boards and achievements.
  • Friends challenges and Weekly or monthly events.
  • Daily Rewards for returning users.
  • Appreciating User on achievements.
  • Push notifications.
  • Social Media Engagement.
  • Challenge user’s power of decision

I believe in one single formula — “If You are bore making it, Players will be bore playing it”!

For me game development is not a conventional job that you can start and get a success, May be you will but for shorter duration. Its a field of passionate developers, gamer who love to play games and are enthusiastic to develop games that are loved by them first and then they present it to the market. From starting screen to end of the game, everything should be designed like how the gamer think, want to act and behave and how to progress in the game. They should know why they are playing it on another good day.

I will discuss the above 10 points after my articles on Acquisition and Monetization. Till that work smart on your game design. Note one thing, Smart work is better than Hard Work.

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