You Should Give Up!

You Should Give Up!

Sounds strange? Yeah definitely. That’s great.

You must have heard of a lot of people saying the opposite, Never Give Up. Steve Jobs, Muhammad Ali, Jack Ma, Churchill and a lot of people thought that pure perseverance and the courage to never give up is the key to success. I am not that courageous to counter what they said; but having the right to have my own opinion, so taking full advantage of that.

To be a successful man you should give up on a lot of things to stick with that one thing that you should focus on. Never give up on your dreams, for achieving your goals you should give up on all secondary things that doesn’t matter that much in your life. Although you love your hobbies, watching your favorite TV shows, watching late night sports, outing with friends, partying with buddies on birthdays and festivals. But you have to give up on all these things which can even cost you your relationships with friends or special friends, but the worst thing about journey to success is that it leaves you alone on the journey and very few will accompany you and support you.

The most important thing you give up is your emotions. Happy, sad, angry, love, hate etc everything that comes in your way should be placed secondary, everything should be placed second to your dreams. In every situation of life, no matter what happens the only thing for which you will give your 100% is you passion.

To never give up on your dreams, You should give up every other thing that is stopping you from achieving your goals.

Family and relationships are very important in life, but if they stay with you in your journey, they are yours. If not, don’t waste your time with secondary things.

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