Seasonal ASO — An approach to start your downloads

ASO and choosing the right keywords for your apps are always hectic for indie developers. Indie developers have no such huge marketing budgets, nor there games such high-end games that they catch the market so ASO is their most powerful tool to compete in the market. Normally, app store optimization or ASO is a research of optimum keywords but a same keyword will not work every time and it strongly depends on the trends on app store or play store. The trend on App store or Play Store also having a strong relation with real world, and changing with the events, four seasons and festivals etc.

Let me give you some examples of such trends in the stores. In summer people love to play hunting games or games on the beach, Jet Ski driving etc. In winter people love to play games in snowy environments, snow excavators, snow blower trucks, racing games in Snow Mountains and that type of other games. In special occasions like Christmas people love to play games developed on the theme of Christmas. On Halloween zombie games are trending every year, even Subway Surfer was also updated for Halloween version.

In short, let me conclude the topic that ASO is not what you do single time for your app, but you have to update your ASO for seasonal changes and that’s why I named it seasonal ASO. Redesign your app for black Friday, Halloween or Christmas or whatever the occasion is, and also make the necessary changes in you ASO. Make sure you do it intelligently 🙂

Muhammad Hilal

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