Pakistan on the verge of becoming a great nation or a failed-nation

All countries that come out from a hard phase to become a developed country often went through a lot of phases and circumstances that are necessary for uplifting the nation. Better political leadership, manufacturing for local market, discovery of some natural resources, or increase of skilled youth population and most recently ranking up higher in technology world gives nation the opportunity to grow. Every country that grows economically often had the mentioned opportunities more or less but Pakistan is on the verge of becoming a developed country with maximum of these indicators are positive and growing, One thing that is missing is the direction that should be given to this nation to grow exponentially. In my very limited knowledge, we should improve in the a few basic domains to get this running on the right direction, which I am sharing with you guys.

1st thing first, We need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of our people and work on that accordingly. We need to categorize our youth, skilled and non-skilled, more-skilled and less skilled, every direction possible horizontal and vertical and should have data of every domain of work and technology and age-wise break down, and EVERYTHING about our workforce. Without data, we can not formulate a policy that will work, our policies should be based on data, not as per our gut-feelings, in order to deliver positively and get the desired results.

Pakistan to close technology gap on the modern world in order to close this huge gap with world growing economies. Pakistan needs to be have well-trained tech force to get the job done for in-house projects and also get projects and export human resource for tech-world. Speaking of IT, our academia and industry is still stuck with very basic technologies and needs an upgrade on very urgent basis. We are giving very low technology services to the world and doing well in small GIG economy which is a good sign but need to improve that more.

Without proper skills, our dream of becoming a developed economy will be a dream forever. Skills matters more than formal education and a university degree in today’s world. We need to focus on skilled based education, technical and vocational education specially for our under-privileged and under-represented communities. Basic skills for non-skilled, more skills for low-skilled and higher skilled for our skilled youth to uplift their skills and economic conditions. Providing skills that are inlined with modern world technologies are must to have a greater economy specially in the field of IT.

Growth mentality and strive to work more and more and struggle for achieving long-lasting stable and growing businesses, this mentality should be injected in our youth to get their full potential. Setting up the right mindset for businessmen and entrepreneurs so they can be ready to accept the challenges, identify the target markets and problems and build their businesses but with the right attitude to grow and let other grow it for them.

In business, everything is not money, and greed for quick cash often make us suffer a lot in the longer run. Business grows with people and with the right work ethics, communication skills and other soft skills required to deal with customers, clients and follow businessmen in the same domain. Our young entrepreneurs and businessmen should know how to do business and the leaders on ethical and moral grounds.

We as a nation are very different than what the world think we are. All credit goes to negative role of media, some past incidents and some negative people who have always brought us negativity from the outer world, and always making excuses for not having anything but the fact is they have nothing to offer to this country but only a burden on the soil, that not how a developed nation think. With the recent rise of tourism in Pakistan, and people from around the globe coming our homeland, apart from tourism which has its own financial benefits for our country, its a great platform for our perspective development, this is a better chance to show the world how we are, who are we and let the world know real us.

Pakistani youth, govt, academia and all the stack holders needs to understand the process and work in the right direction to uplift our economy from IT sector especially and that’s the way forward to see a better future of our country.

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