A letter to my One year old SON

My dear Son,

I may be alive or dead by the time you step into your practical life, I want to talk to you when you will be in your early 20s but nobody knows the future. I want to share some of my thoughts and opinions and you have equal right to agree or disagree but as a son you must listen to me for a few moments.

You are only 1 year old and you will not remember these days when you grow up. I am a struggling entrepreneur and often out of city for weeks and months and I am not giving you time that you need and I am sorry for that. Your mother is an exceptional and inspirational lady, always seek her advice and try to do what she advise you. I know she will support you what you do as she did (and doing) for me, but ask her before taking any step in your practical life. Always listen to your mentors and think wisely before you act.

Dear Khubaib, you will face hardships in life but don’t forget that nothing great can be achieved without hard work and perseverance. Once you find anything that fascinates you and your interests develops in it, no one should stop you from doing it. You must be rock solid in your belief, no matter you fail or get success but the only thing in your hand is to give your 200%. Challenge yourself in each step of your life and work more than you can. You will encounter naysayers and pessimistic people in your life and those should be your motivation for achieving the impossible. Failures are the most talented teachers you can ever have, but not learning from failure is wasting a big part of your life. Luck often help those who don’t rely on it, Allah help those who want to help themselves.

Have a strong character, talk less and wisely. Be fair and sincere in your relationship with friends, relatives and your life partner. Give foremost importance to your family as no one can stand behind you more than your family. My uncles love you a lot, always respect them. I am single son of my parents but I love my cousins, they are your uncles. Respect your teachers, mentors and always try to help the poor and needy in your circle. Don’t get fooled by the glamour of the society, have a simple heart and love to live with simple life style. Enjoy your life to the fullest but not on the cost of hurting others.

With love,